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“It Is All Over”
"It Is All Over"

This week marks the 80th anniversary of the 2nd annual convention of the Illinois Women’s Auxiliary of the Progressive Miners of America (IWA).  Why commemorate the 2nd annual convention?  Because it marked a decisive moment in the formation of the union and the role of women within that movement. Founded in November, 1932 the IWA’s […]

“What Is A Red?”
"What Is A Red?"

Here’s a new document from the archives of the Historical Society of Montgomery County, IL. “Labor’s Answer”, a socialist publication from the tiny community of Taylor Springs, IL, was published June 30, 1934 by the Social Problems Club of Montgomery County. It includes reports on the mine war, the Women’s Auxiliary and a definition of […]

Has The Past Escaped? The Case For Reparations For Descendants Of The Illinois Mine War
Has The Past Escaped? The Case For Reparations For Descendants Of The Illinois Mine War

  In Douglas A. Blackmon’s book, Slavery By Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II, he argues that today’s U.S. corporations should be held culpable for past practices of peonage and slavery following the Civil War.  Predictably, representatives of U.S. Steel and other companies implicated in past […]


  Here’s an image from the February 24, 1933 edition of The Progressive Miner.  By this time wanton violence was all to common practice to disrupt the coal strike and thwart efforts of the Progressive Miners to expand the movement.  And as the cartoon shows the Progressive Miners believed they knew who was responsible.   […]

In Memoriam ~ Gerry Allard
In Memoriam ~ Gerry Allard

Today marks the 47th anniversary of the passing of Gerry Allard, a founder of the Progressive Miners of America, and life-long advocate for coal miners.  The following biography is taken from The Gerry Allard Memorial Program.  The event was held in Collinsville, Illinois, October 3, 1965: Gerry Allard, was born in Pas de Calais, Oignes, […]

“Aided and Abetted by the Operators”
"Aided and Abetted by the Operators"

Following months of violence and his failure to negotiate any kind of settlement between the UMWA and the Progressive Miners, Governor Horner appointed a legislative committee to investigate and issue a report on the conflict. The committee’s membership included IL State Senators W.E.C. Clifford, Champaign; Louis L. Williams, Clinton; C.L. Ewing, Douglas; IL State Representatives […]