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“We Were Not Ladies.  We Were Women.”

Produced, written and directed by Greg Boozell
Edited by Jon Biewen and Greg Boozell
Story Consultant, Karen Everett

Narrated by Kim Holmes

Actors (In Order of Appearance)

Mary Heaton Vorse
Melissa Epp

Agnes Burns Wieck
Diane Pritchard

News Announcer
Charles Miercke

John L. Lewis
Graham Hayward

Robert Morss Lovett
Matt Fear

Gerry Allard
Scott Spaulding

Social Justice Commission
Greg Boozell

Irene Allard
Laurie Hogin

Interviews (In Order Of Appearance)

Sean Burns
Organizer, Illinois Education Association

Caroline Merithew
Professor of History, University of Dayton

Dominic Bertinetti. Jr.

Rosemary Feurer
Associate Professor of History, Northern Illinois University

Archival Interviews

Archival interviews were largely taken from the University of Illinois at Springfield Oral History Collection.  Two oral history projects from the collection provide a treasure trove of first person accounts of the Illinois Mine War in the words and voices of people who were there.

The COAL MINING AND UNION ACTIVITIES PROJECT features interviews by Nick Cherniavsky, Barbara “Bobbe” Herndon and Rex Rhodes recorded in 1972-74.

ILLINOIS COAL: THE LEGACY OF AN INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY includes interviews by Kevin Corley, Carl Oblinger, and Brenda Griffin conducted 1985-86. Kevin Corley can be heard interviewing Ada Miller and John Wittka. 

Selected Archival Interviews (In Order of Appearance)

Ada Miller

Jack Battuello

Catherine DeRorre

Irene Allard

Lena Dougherty

John Wittka

Otto Klein

Jesse Lake

Joe Ozanic

Greg Boozell and Chris Sinnott

Thanks To
Emily LaBarbera-Twarog, Bill Gorrell, Lisa Andrew, UMWA District 12, Ken Davis and Linda Paul

Legal Services
Leavens, Strand, & Glover, LLC.

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